Enhance your success using the LifeServing℠ platform

Trainers/Facilitators/Community Leaders, Enhance your success using the LifeServing℠ platform

Here is a platform that fully supports training professionals. Experience shows that most trainers start with an unconnected bundle of free or inexpensive tools for bookkeeping, customer relations, sending bulk e-mail, calendars, layout programs for flyer’s and HTML pages…the list goes on.

These are fine to begin with, but become unmanageable as the practice grows. So then they go through a number of tools that provide greater ease, and require considerable time to set up and use. Finding one platform that manages all of these tasks, and more, led us to select Member365. We have spent over $6200 to set up this application to handle the needs of trainers.

Special Pilot Program for the First 5 Trainers

Member365 requires a setup fee of $1,200 and a $150 charge per month if you signed up individually

I am offering  these services  for an introductory fee of $150 A YEAR. If you want to use your own branding, that is available for additional service fees*.

Here is what your get to do:

  • Create your own training events available to the public
  • Set prices for levels of early bird registrations
  • Manage registrations for co-learners attending an event
  • Allow your learners to create no-cost memberships
  • Create a virtual home for practice groups, forums, and alumni
  • Create committees to help with your work, and give them an on line workspace
  • Market trainings, and send newsletters to specific groups of people
  • Financial management including easy access to handle off line payments and get reports on your activities
  • Add your products to the on line store and either manage or hand off the tasks of filling orders to someone else
  • *You can import your lists and provide them all of the services on platform (for a small fee paid to Member365)
  • Back-end support for training registration, forums, newsletters, and customer management all in one place.

If you are interested, please click to send an e-mail to info@lifeserving.com