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What people are saying about Pan Vera as a facilitator and trainer.

We haven’t seen him in about 8 years, but glad to know he is still out there helping love succeed. ❤️"
Seriously! We rarely fight because we remember the day you made is look each other in the eye and say the words we needed to hear to each other. When we do argue we use the lessons you taught us. Thank you!

Samatha Agustus

Course Title: Language 4 Lovers

Testimonial Date: 15th September 2021

Thank you dear dear Pan for reaching out like this – I have never before experienced a request sooo much as an opportunity to meet a need to support someone I love!

I have kinda accompanied Pan on much of this journey and witnessed his profound dedication to NVC and our network, including

  • Pan’s openness to talking to anyone and everyone I introduced him to on Skype, and his warmth and delight that was such a great ad for NVC and CNVC
  • his support to me and his mediation skill
  • his powerful humility (sounds like a contradiction but in Pan’s case isn’t)
  • the huge leap forward the website made after he took it on, and the big rise in participation
  • how the website has contributed so much to all of our practice
  • how the website has contributed to many of our incomes
  • the sheer hard work he has done, both on tech stuff and emotionally as a part of the CNVC team …..
  • …..and his profound good will – love ya Pan!

I know that any support we can give Pan will be paid forward in many ways …

… but I also celebrate his request in and of itself, and hope that (as he inspires me) he has helped inspire all of us to request help here when we need it

with love and care,
Ray xx


Ray Taylor

Testimonial Date: 30th December 2017

My need to understand NVC was definitely met! I liked that we got to practice NVC before we spoke with our partners about anything, Very helpful to hear other people's point of view around NVC. I was very satisfied with Pan's level of understaning for each of us as individuals. I felt very comfortable.


Course Title: Language 4 Lovers

Testimonial Date: 12th May 2009

I learned a strategy that can be used easily for expressing needs and learning my partners' needs.

I liked the mind opening ness of the NVC approach.  I learned how to observe, feel and id my needs and how to formulate a request.

Having two tries at the application of the strategy was great.

Pan was/is great because he know, feels, lives, and breaths NVC. I was very comfortable and liked the opening exercise.



Course Title: Language 4 Lovers

Testimonial Date: 9th May 2009

Pan was present, honest and a great listener. He helped me see how I am not honest and clear about my needs. Helped me understand how I can focus on connection first.

I felt heard and understood.

Coming from his heart he helped me create safety for myself and his information around alternatives to right/wrong thinking ways of judging also created safety.

Chris G.

Course Title: Language 4 Lovers

Testimonial Date: 7th October 2007

I found this training to be more helpful than I ever expected. I learned how to apply the principles of NVC and be able to recognize my feelings, identify my needs and make honest connected requests. I was able to practice giving and receiving empathy. I feel that my time was totally well spent here today and I have new confidence in my ability to connect with my partner.

I found Pan to be an exceptional coach who was able to discern what I was trying to express and help me state it in “giraffe talk”. I found him to be knowledgeable, supportive and kind.

He was able to mentor what connection is about. Found him to be open and accepting. Felt very comfortable and accepted and “seen for whom I am” by the instructor. Thanks so much Pan for such a valuable day.



Course Title: Language 4 Lovers

Testimonial Date: 4th March 2007

About 2 years ago I chose to participate in a teleconferencing workshop, “Compassionate Communication,” over 8 weeks. Pan Vera was the trainer. Having attended a workshop that Emily Gould offered our community prior to that, I had learned that how we think and communicate with each other affects our relationships, our families, our communities, and it all begins with us. In my life, I had had times where I thought I was not understood or heard, and felt frustrated at not being able to meet my emotional and daily needs. I wanted more of what I took away from Emily’s workshop! The weeks working with Pan, spent thinking and practicing, making a shift in how I communicate, has manifested into better relationships in my life, more meaningful, and helped me in places when others may have a very different agenda as well as style of communication than I. I often wonder, if we cannot have respectful compassionate communication with those close to us, how can we expect this in the world? I hope to join you Sunday, to hear Pan’s thoughts.

Bernadette Rose

Course Title: Foundations of Lifeserving Communication

Testimonial Date: 15th July 1992

*Pan Vera is registered with the Center for Nonviolent Communications as a candidate for certification and has been certified as an NVC trainer by PSNCC.