Pan Vera Head Shot 12-17-18In 2002 I met Marshall Rosenberg, creator of Nonviolent Communication. I have been working to support his mission since. From 2007 to 2017 I did the Information Technology work for the Center of Nonviolent Communication. I have a bold vision to provide a platform to ground the mission of serving life with my gifts.

Welcome to the College of LifeServing Studies. We support those who have found joy and peace by coming from the heart, because it is the most fun, and those who long to effortlessly live in this joy. If you want to know more about the evolving state of Holistic Consciousness read this.

Problems solved by this work include hopelessness, anger, instability, anxiety, depression, and inner emptiness. LifeServing inner and outer communication leads to a more wonderful life.

In order to make life more wonderful, The College of LifeServing Studies exists to focus learning and practice in three areas we believe every local community will need to strengthen, in order to sustain and thrive in the coming ten years.

Love, changes our perception.
This alters our choices
Old past habits are replaced by the passion in the present.
Fears are replaced by ‘peace is present’ listening and and understanding.
Joyful giving creates relaxation.
Relaxation creates harmony

~ Pan

LifeServing Health is looking for healing collaborators.

I wish this website embodied the breadth of my vision of local self-governing, sustainable communities. It does not. To make it all it can, you can participate by becoming a member and explore how can we make LifeServing elements thrive where you live?

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