Pan Vera Head Shot 12-17-18In 2002 I met Marshall Rosenberg, creator of Nonviolent Communication.

In 2004 I was certified by the puget Sound Network of Compassionate Communication and taught NVC in Washington State and later in New England.

From 2007 to 2017 I did the Information Technology work for the Center of Nonviolent Communication. I have a bold vision to provide a platform to ground the mission of serving life with my gifts.

Problems solved by this work include hopelessness, anger, instability, anxiety, depression, and inner emptiness. LifeServing inner and outer communication leads to a more wonderful life.

Love, changes our perception.
This alters our choices
Old past habits are replaced by the passion in the present.
Fears are replaced by ‘peace is present’ listening and and understanding.
Joyful giving creates relaxation.
Relaxation creates harmony

~ Pan