Most of us are hungry for effective interpersonal communication skills to help us live a more empowered life.  We all wish to be free from destructive negative thinking and self-judgment.  These keep us from living to our fullest potential. We’re also looking for techniques to help us foster strong self-esteem; and, heal from old emotional pains.  Creating and sustaining effective communication, in the heat of conflict, is something we all need to explore.

Increase Your Interpersonal Competency thru Games and Exercises

Offers proven, effective interpersonal communication skills that will help you foster healthy, satisfying relationships—with yourself and others. Understand the root of all conflict and emotional pain. Create satisfying relationships, resolve conflicts with ease, and live your fullest potential.

WHY increase my communications skills and competencies?

  • Transform negative thinking into personal empowerment
  • Get what you want without using demands, guilt, or shame
  • Heal old pain
  • Transform unhealthy communication habits
  • Stay compassionate even in the most difficult circumstances
  • Eat by choice, not by habit

This is a unique opportunity to learn the foundations of LifeServing Communication (NVC) by speaking your truth honestly, with compassion, and listening empathically to what’s in the heart of any message.

You will practice using an example from your own life to see how you use this language in your own life. You will discover the art of self-empathy. Working with a partner and in small groups will reinforce your learning.

You will leave with a solid foundation for a lifelong practice of LifeServing Communication; however, this is just the beginning.