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Transform Your Language–Transform Your Life
In this introductory workshop, the foundations of LifeServing Communication include speaking your truth honestly and with compassion and listening emphatically to what’s in the heart of any message. You will practice the principles using examples from your own life.

Self Empathy in Action
Experience giving and receiving empathy for yourself. Empathy is your pure presence to what is alive in you at this moment, without judgment. Experience euphoria through self-connection. Excellent for those with or without NVC experience. This is the most valuable skill to develop emotional safety and to discover that lifelong negative habits and self-talk can be redirected to lifeserving ways of understanding yourself and begin to work on what you want in your life and convert your energy into self-love and acceptance.

What Are Your Core Needs

Wouldn’t you love to know what triggers you 85% of the time? It is a core need, and your unconscious mind knows it very well. If you don’t know it, it runs your life. You can get free of unconscious triggers. In this Playshop, you will be able to answer the following questions. Why do you behave as you do? What triggers you? What is your greatest gift? What is your greatest fear? What drives you?

Empathy in Action: An Intermediate Training
When asked to define empathy, Marshall Rosenberg compared it to surfing. When you ride the wave, the thrill is so exhilarating, that you forget everything else. You live in the moment, nothing else matters, so intent on riding the wave perfectly you and the wave become one. In this Playshop, you will renew and improve the skills learned in the Foundation Training. Learn more about the NVC approach to connecting empathically with yourself and others. Discover the healing power of presence. Build your resilience under pressure.

Language 4 Lovers
Are you looking to improve the quality of your intimate connections? Our program teaches practical tools to help you overcome challenges and find success in even the most perplexing situations. You’ll learn how to navigate interactions in a way that supports the needs of all parties involved and understand the underlying causes of conflict and emotional pain. Our techniques will help you stay calm and compassionate, express your feelings and needs effectively, and move beyond power struggles to build trust and cooperation. Transform your relationships and experience the deeper connections you desire with our program. Don’t let conflict ruin your relationships – start strengthening them today.

The Heart of Social Change: Redefining the Good Life
In this workshop, we will explore how the practical tools of NVC support the transformation of violence, particularly the subtler, unacknowledged verbal forms such as blaming, moralizing, judging, and punishing.

Cooperative Communication at Work
Learn how LifeServing Communication is used to manage conflicts in the workplace by providing skills and ways of thinking to support greater effectiveness in working with subordinates, superiors, teammates, partners, or customers. This workshop is dedicated to top managers, managers, HR managers, team leaders, and to persons who value integrity in business relationships and effective communication in the workplace.