Vision, Mission, and Aim


A  world where everyone uses LifeServing Communication because I believe that together we can create world peace and prosperity.


To create a movement teaching a language of connection, compassion, and honesty so they become calm, centered, and divine. I teach and support others to carry out this mission across the world.



  • Hold three in-person trainings in New Mexico
  • Hold three in-person advanced trainings in Vermont
  • Post Current Handouts on the Resources page
  • Create three recorded online Play-shops
  • Hold a recorded in-person event


A more wonderful world where interpersonal harmony, fairness and equality is shared much more widely among those looking for it, across class, race, and national boundaries. And when conflict arises, the parties look forward to applying their interpersonal skills to the conflict at hand without ‘againstness’ or judging.

Intimate relationships float on a bed made of honesty, fearlessness and intimacy using communication tools which connect. Personal relationships are rich with vulnerability and acceptance.

We also have a vision of an abundant economy with a focus of creating better lives.

We stand for truly human values and any teachers of life-serving communication, healing and spirituality who are aligned with these values are welcome to have affordable  access to all of the training tools we use ourselves.

How will we do this?

We apply our labor to is contributing to sustainable, compassionate, and life serving human relations, including:

We work to enhance personal growth by teaching emotional intelligence by using our training for interpersonal competency.

Scaling up positive change in systems of business, economics, education, justice, healthcare, and peace-keeping by resource-sharing, and nurturing, and empowering self-organizing communities which share a life serving vision of animating people, especially social change organizations, looking for such tools to provide healthy group-process principles, practices, and methods.

This is too big a job to do alone or with a small group. We believe more and more who is a trainer/facilitator will be determined by the marketplace not so much by academic training and certification.

We look forward to connecting with you and anyone else who shares this vision.