Pan Vera
Pan Vera trainer and Language Coach

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I have had a life filled with challenges. Born John McLain Chamberlin, IV into a military family, I moved fifteen times before the age of eighteen, living in various places, including Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Germany, and Ireland. This taught me about the diversity of human experience and never to assume that I understand another person without truly trying to understand their perspective. These experiences have uniquely contributed to my NVC Coach/Trainer/Facilitator work.

I have always been empathic and committed to facilitating meaningful connections. My sister can even recall early memories of me empathizing with and advising my childhood friends and neighbors.

Marshall Rosenberg and Jackle with Giraffe Ears
Marshall Rosenberg and Jackle with Giraffe Ears

I have also gone through several deeply satisfying yet challenging love relationships and experienced periods of chronic anxiety and depression. However, the tools I gained through NVC facilitated a transformation in my life and allowed me to live fully, joyfully, and with energy.

Falling in love with the tools of NVC, I studied closely with its creator, Marshall Rosenberg, for over four hundred hours and became a PSNCC Certified NVC Trainer in 2004. I am also an Advanced Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Active Listening. Through years of practice, I have incorporated NVC practices into my life, using the transformation I experienced to help others.

My diverse experiences and NVC training enable me to work with people from any culture or background and those with challenges. I am uniquely suited to stimulate transformation with clients and students, and I particularly enjoy working with training leaders as they have the ability to touch and positively impact others through the use of NVC. Combining my experiences and NVC tools allows me to use my powerful assets with outstanding results.

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