Holistic Consciousness

Wilfried Ehrmann, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, historian, philosopher, author
Wilfried Ehrmann, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, historian, philosopher, author

Extracted from Wlfried Ehrmann’s Consciousness in Evolution: Seven steps of Integral Healing Click the link to purchase the book.

Key aspects: completeness, timelessness, universality, inner freedom, and connection in love.

Liberation from fear

Holistic consciousness recognizes the connectedness of everything existing; and, the equal value of each element and each relation. Each element radiates with individual beauty. Universal connectedness is regarded as the true form of love.

The path to enter freedom

Entering holistic consciousness is possible only if … fears are dissolved. Each new stage of consciousness promises to overcome fear. However, all stages previous has caused new problems and thus new fears. On the individual level there is no other path to holistic consciousness than of processing fear (therapy) and meditation. These open the door to fearless perception of the present moment.  This is an effective means for finding security and inner freedom.

Purifying spirituality

People experience purifying spirituality inwardly, while in contact with nature, or through heartfelt interactions with other people. It requires no set form, no ritual, no sacred place. The spirit of God” breeds where it pleases”. We can experience the spiritual where ever we are, provided we open up towards it. It will be there for us if we only venture beyond our limited perspectives and delusions.

Holistic consciousness emerges where all tendencies to pursue individual interest have been overcome. Particularity and individualism are not overcome by force or need. It happens to the degree people experience they have been dwelling in a world of the illusionary needs and imaginary fears; and then experience, feeling better when they orient themselves instead towards the universal good.

Holistic activity in the name of unity

Holistic Consciousness is the stage where we can realize what directs and feeds our collective evolutionary process. It’s the same power directing us and feeding us. Universalistic consciousness opens the vista of the purpose of social and personal evolution. Looking back, all that ever came to life and bore fruit at earlier stages sprang from this same universalistic consciousness.

Holistic Consciousness is feeling we are in the universal flow. At this stage, it makes us happy to serve:  serving is contributing to the flow of life.  We become willing to dedicate our own contribution to it as it benefits ourself and all other living beings.

Overcoming conflicts of judgment.

Let’s no longer try to mentally cognize and consider every opinion and every piece of information we come across. Our human awareness – though infinitely capable of learning – is limited in its mental structure.  We have to protect ourselves from overwhelm.  The human soul is limitless by nature.  It’s capable of connecting with everything in existence through its capacity for perceiving Oneness.

The Amplitude of Truth

While respecting materialistic sciences, holistic consciousness is not stuck with [its limited point of view], to its limited methods for gathering data and producing insight. The strict empirical-mathematical criteria of materialistic science cannot be applied to holistic thought and experience. Holistic experiences are perceived one person at a time, subjectively.  Subjective experience does not generalize. The subjective experiences which open doors to holistic consciousness are somewhat unique to each individual.  They cannot be reproduced in a lab “cookie cutter fashion” for others.

Holistic language is colorful, poetic and free, paradoxical and eminently convincing. Talk is of unconditional love, infinite happiness, and all – encompassing unity.

The Experience of Time

The history of evolution is characterized by an enormous acceleration of time. It is only in the light of holistic consciousness that the permission of time with its stage – specific fears become more transparent and can ultimately be overcome. When there is no more fear, time, too, ceases to exist. All that matters, is the present moment. If changes experienced as a continuous flow of different present moments, we no longer need to think of categories like future and past. Time will then stand still in the present moment. The mind cannot remain permanently in the state of holistic consciousnesses.

Integrating Earlier Stages of Consciousness

Evolution has not gone through six stages to leave them behind and forget them. Earlier planes retain their own dignity and their own value. As becomes apparent in holistic consciousness, it is of great importance for universal coherence that all human life be managed by the means of the stage of consciousness most suitable for it.