Marshall Rosenberg says this:
“Empathy is a respectful understanding of what others are experiencing.”

I offer Empathy Sessions, where I mostly listen quietly, and in my heart, I am guessing the feelings and need that might be active.

People speak what is on their minds, which is often a story they are telling themselves. If they are stuck in their story, I help them focus on their feelings in the current moment and the needs behind those feelings. I do this by making guesses about what they might be. I never tell them. I make guesses.

This turns their focus away from the story to where they are in the present moment emotionally and which needs are asking for attention.

This is a lot like surfing, as there is much shifting along the path to discovering the core need behind the scenes.

Getting in touch with their need is what brings about their healing.

This goes on until they have a “post-empathic shift” where their body signals they have clarity. Then the mind and soul are ready to move on by taking some action.

In what I consider my best session, a person came in, and for 90 minutes, she shared her feelings and needs while I just listened empathically.  I never said anything. She was totally in touch with herself, only wanting to be heard.

Schedule a free call to see if you are a good fit or call (802) 356-5358 to arrange your session.

I like to work in segments of 1 1/2 hours, and I ask for $120.00 per session.

What people say about empathy sessions with Pan

Pan, you are such a blessing to our communication.  I cherish your wisdom, insights, and translations, making us sound like emotional geniuses when we are toddling around and stumbling into things. 

I really believe our guided conversations with you are the key to continuing a loving relationship and being solid parents to our child, the light of our lives. I am so grateful to you for simply being who you are and sharing your rather impressive skill set with us.

Sometimes I am distracted with intellectual excitement for your depth of skill and appropriateness of your application. Really masterful, I am hugely appreciative and grateful. This is such heavy lifting and you are such and excellent partner. Thanks You ~ E. Q

A friend and lover suggested we meet with Pan to mediate a potentially explosive encounter, one sure to end our relationship.  I accepted the offer, but held little hope for anything but a bitter conclusion.

With grace, and calm strength, Pan kept us in the present, made sure each of us said what we meant, and heard each other clearly. Then he gently, lovingly, guided us toward an understanding of each other’s needs. I think we all came away amazed how hope and reverence could be found in each of us, when we had only seen fear and despair.

I have had no better guidance in similar situations–I certainly wish I had had Pan then too.  Pan has a gift; one would be blessed to use it ~ Carol E.

I knew I needed a conversation with my dearest friends to work through some thorny issues.  I was afraid the conversation would get ugly, because the issues were so deep and the feelings running so hot.

Pan created an amazingly calm and peaceful space allowing us all to say everything we needed to say, be truly heard by each other, and resolve things.

I emerged feeling loved, protected, and relieved by the whole experience.  In the following few days, this feeling of peace and balance has stayed with me.  I have no unresolved questions or ‘loose ends hanging’. I believe Pan has not only guided us through this crisis, but gave us tools to communicate with each other more gently and effectively in the future ~ Many thanks, Pan! Laura S.

I have received Pan’s assistance several times to help me work through relationship conflicts I have had with those I am close to.

On every occasion he stayed present and committed to the well being of everyone in the conversation. His well-honed skill with compassionate listening and reflection were apparent when working with us. I felt my concerns were heard by him and, in turn, by those I was on conflict with.

In our work with Pan, we were able to yield results in which we all felt our needs were met. I would gladly refer others to work with him in a like fashion.  I would work with him myself in the future if the need arises again ~ Gwendolyn H.