A Language 4 Lovers

Experience Extraordinary Relationships with Effective Communication Skills

Are you hungry for good, practical communication skills? Skills to transform the quality of your intimate relationships.

Would you like to know how your relationship is going?

Learn practical tools to get “unstuck” in those challenging moments…how to perform “aikido” in stressful conversations, and convert perplexing situations into successful outcomes. You’ll understand and practice the skills to navigate interactions in which each understands the others’ needs and how to support getting those needs met.

Healthy Personal Relationships Start with Good Communication Skills

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Learn to transform destructive communication habits to create the quality relationships you’ve always wanted! The Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process offers simple, practical communication skills to help you foster healthy, satisfying relationships at work, at home, and community. With our conflict resolution and communication books, you’ll learn to understand the core of all conflict, violence, and emotional pain.

Learn Practical, Effective Communication Skills to:
Stay calm and compassionate even when you are triggered
Express your feelings and wants in ways to ensure you will be heard
Move beyond power struggles to cooperation and trust
Express frustrations without using blame, shame, or judgment
Transform internal shame and depression into personal empowerment
Heal old emotional pain
Stay connected to your own needs and preferences
Deepen your emotional connections
Hear the needs behind whatever anyone does or says
98% of all Relationships have conflict; 50% of those come to an end.

This workshop enriches and vitalizes communication between lovers and partners by providing practical communication to enrich connection, cooperation, and intimacy.

What are people saying:  

“Extremely helpful. The “Stages of Relationship” in Jackal and Giraffe was new and useful. Also, I felt [Pan] demonstrated respect, love, and connection with each person attending.

VERY Helpful. Brought to the forefront my needs as a man. Helped me to be both a better listener and more compassionate. Opened up my eyes to the possibility of a very happy and fulfilling life.

Pan knows the material, gives examples, and responded well to questions, through inquiry, more options, and kindness.

He addressed participants by name, shared some personal material, and role-played with participants. Helpful in getting in touch with my heart! Enjoyed the stages of intimacy!

Pan’s ability to connect with my heart and to give me the freedom to feel and to discover my needs. Totally safe and secure- gave empathy-not judging. Shared self and had courage to be vulnerable.”


“The process he communicated through group interactions as well as lecture.

The gift Pan brought was his unique ability to communicate joy when someone showed an understanding.

There were moments of intense discomfort. In some ways, I feel my trainer allowed me to remain uncomfortable. I don’t know that my needs were really clear to me.

I need to work on identifying my own needs. 4/30/06″


“This training was very helpful to me in learning the basics of NVC and its applications.

Breaking down the applications- relationships, social change, etc, and flushing each out worked well. The meditations added depth, trust, and peace. I enjoyed the stories of applications of NVC and the examples of how one can “speak the language”, even more, would have been better. The specifics are very helpful. I was satisfied with the presentation in general and in specific I appreciated all the handouts. Pan’s flexibility and vulnerability and his willingness to bring forward the full meaning and value of NVC (world-changing) with serious lightness!

I felt quite comfortable and connected- Pan contributed to that by encouraging participation by all actively and compassionately, and also not letting anyone ‘stories’ dominate the group deftly.”


“Extremely helpful. The “Stages of Relationship” in Jackal and Giraffe was new and useful.

Also, I felt Pan demonstrate respect, love, and connection with each person attending. Very satisfied.

Lots of interactive teaching and practice opportunities. Humor, self-disclosure, flexibility, checking in with students about present needs. Very comfortable and connected.

Pan contributed many things, but most significant was his willingness to LIVE the NVC process as well as he talked about it.

Very fluid and powerful transitions between lesson plans and present moment teaching problems.”


“Very helpful.

Pan’s presence, vulnerability, heart, and knowledge of the NVC process helped me to understand at my own deep heart level so that I have a good beginning understanding.

My needs were met through lots of practice. My need for connection was met- a group of strangers became a community.

Pan’s presence models connection.

I leave feeling blessed and hopeful for the work I am engaged in.”


A one-day and a weekend version of this training exists.