People who have experienced a transformed understanding of ourselves and others,  have a burning passion for LifeServing Communication.

We believe this it is the most powerful method available now for people to practice, develop and enhance their interpersonal competency.  The result of more people practicing  life-serving communication methods, can only be more local communities living in peace and positive world change.

LifeServing Communication is a Way Out from:

        • the games of anger, blame and depression
        • stuck in patterns we wish to redirect and transform.

It’s a big way Towards more satisfying close relationships.

We are longing for true peace and human harmony.

Here you will find valuable information on a truly life serving way of communication. We will show you where it came fromhow it works, and what it is. You will find upcoming  playshops to cement your learning. Learn about our available trainings for the public and your group are highly interactive; you and your fellow co-learners experience the principles for yourself by playing games, self reflections, and group sharing.

Pan Vera, having shared this style of communication since 2004, also provides online coaching and in-person, for people one on one, for couples and families, and for groups and organizations.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person or online.