I invite you to pay attention to your self talk. Are you kind to yourself, or more critical than anyone in your life?

If you don’t enjoy your self talk, this training is for you. Your body provides great feedback when you are blaming, shaming, or criticize yourself.

This fun and deep playshop will take you personally through the powerful process of self-empathy.

Besides being great for you health and wellbeing, it is the most useful way to practice LifeServing Communication. 

Probably the best way to explain self-empathy is to say how you can cultivate it. It’s easier to understand when you see it in action.

1. Recognize Yourself as a Feeling Being

You are wired to feel.  Do you know why feelings are meaningful? How meaningful are feelings to you?  It’s common for us to suppress awareness of ourselves as feeling beings and thereby lose ability to discern our own un-met needs.  Healthy self-empathy means accepting it’s OK to feel and have feelings as your friends.

2. Sense Your Deepest Needs

Deep down, you want to feel content and wish to avoid unnecessary suffering. Feelings evolved to help us survive. How? Consider feeling hungry. The more self-awareness we have of our un-met needs, the more likely we are to do something to get a need met. Self-empathy means practicing listening to what we are feeling and what we are needing under each distinct feeling. 

3. Understand life is challenging

Empathy involves recognizing being a soul in the human experience is doing a difficult thing. You’re not failing when obstacles appear; give yourself a break. Keep your eye on what you really want and create/imagine new strategies for meeting your longings 

4. Offer Yourself Kindness and Support

As we encounter life’s inevitable difficulties, it’s natural for us to give ourselves support and encouragement.  Almost none of us learned how to do this growing up.  Almost none of us saw adults practicing self-empathy.  We can learn and we can practice now.  It’s never too late to practice self-empathy. 

The better you get at self-empathy, the easier it is to have and express empathy and kindness for others. 

Take this training to start a lifelong practice of self-empathy