Compassion for others and self

If you have ever been unpleasantly surprised by someone’s reaction to you, this class will clear up the mystery. Learn to avoid common misconceptions of NVC principals.

This is a “hands on” workshop introducing you to the principles of LifeServing Communication (NVC). Most time is spent in pairs, in small groups and sharing experiences in the large group. A few exercises are quiet time for individual reflection and journaling.

Most topics taught through exercises and games. these allow you to recognize thinking and language patterns which disconnect us. It is a skill building process for rewording you meaning to expressed in a connecting way.

Learn to transform what you wish to express to people in your life, in a way they will enjoy hearing!

While this training follows-up to the Foundations course, many people have told me it was a great place for them to begin their NVC journey.  Many of these also then took the Foundations training.