The Result: You will become calm, clear, connected, and able to connect with people even in the most tricky situations.

The Hidden Truth: You have been educated to judge, blame, shame, and analyze, all of which destroy connection and understanding of yourself and others.

The Challenge: Getting away from the habits of the past.

By understanding why you and others behave, you can bypass the habits that are not serving you and create new ways of seeing yourself and others. You will become calm, cool, and connected to life.

This training is for you if you say yes to any of the following statements:

  • Are you frustrated, being misunderstood, and unseen? Do you want to be calm, clear, and connected?
  • Do you struggle to be completely authentic while expressing what is important to you?
  • Would you want to get beyond blame, shame, guilt, anger, and moralistic judgments?
  • You would like to find ease in speaking and listening with empathy and compassion?
  • You would like to strengthen all your relationships and create highly supportive teams?

This course will lay your foundation for a more wonderful life by helping you develop a deep integration with the skills I will be sharing with you. Using a simple four-step model you can bring these things into your life.

I can help you join the over 1,000 learners who have developed a compassionate and authentic way of speaking and being.

In 2001 I met Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, founder, and creator of Nonviolent Communication and within five minutes I realized that he had the most powerful tool for peace, and five minutes later I realized that the way I spoke did not reflect my spiritual beliefs.

So, I spent over 400 hours in his workshops and became part of the Northwest Washington state organization that sponsored his visits. Later I got to know him personally and headed the IT department for his international organization, The Center for Nonviolent Communication.

After learning and practicing NVC for four years, it became apparent to me that helping others learn and practice Marshall’s work was my life’s purpose and calling. So, I spent thousands of dollars learning the best methods for creating interactive and experiential learning. As my training guru, T. Harv Eker, says “What you hear, you forget. What you see, you remember. What you do will create your life.

Schedule Your 30 thirty-minute Discovery session to see if this is a good fit for you.

If this is a good fit for you, I will make sure to address your issues during the training.